Carol Easterling Award

CEA Deadline for Submission: September 25th, 2020


Carol Easterling was a devoted Board Member of the Florida Parking & Transportation Association (FPTA) for 10 years. During her tenure, she promoted the involvement of front line employees in our conference and educational seminars. After her passing, the FPTA Board created the Carol Easterling Scholarship in her memory.

The FPTA Board has revamped the once “Carol Easterling Scholarship” to the “Carol Easterling Award” and has enhanced its reach and prize payout.

The award was created to reward those very deserving members of our teams. To champion those front line employees who are the unsung heroes in our organizations. In the current days we are living in, and the changes that have come our way, we are sure you can think of at least one person that you can nominate for this award.  It is a great way to say “Thank you” for being an exemplary employee as well as an important asset to our organization.

Submit Nominations Here

The nomination submission process only takes a few minutes and is quite simple, just use the link above.  One winner will be selected from each region (3).  The three winning candidates will need to submit a short video representing “A day in the life” of that employee. In addition, the three candidates will also receive: 

  • A two-night stay at the conference or nearby hotel
  • $100.00 cash prize
  • Recognition during the conference
  • An award at the annual conference
  • The chance to win the Grand Prize.

The submitted videos, along with the submission forms will be evaluated by the FPTA Board Members and a grand prize winner will be selected. The Grand Prize winner will also receive a paid registration to the 2021 FPTA Annual conference and a cash prize of $350.00.

We urge you to take this excellent opportunity to acknowledge an employee for the hard work they do for your organization. Please complete the nomination form below for your nominee no later than September 25, 2020.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions.

CEA Committee

Sue Tellier, Chairperson, FPTA Board Member

Kelsey Romao, Structual

Brian Hand, Flash Parking

George McLean, Miami Parking

Dan Sadler, Haskell

Elizabeth Bayly, City of Clearwater

George Richardson, University of Florida


Rules and Regulations

Article I. General
The State of Florida will be divided into three regions – North, Central, and South. An award will be chosen from each region provided that we have a nomination from each. Details of the award are described below in Article VI.

Article II. Eligibility
All current FPTA members including private operators, consultants, equipment vendors, etc. are eligible to nominate a candidate for the CEA. The candidate does not have to be an active member of FPTA but must be a front line employee or first-level Supervisor. The candidate must also be an active employee for a parking organization within the region for which they are being nominated.
FPTA Board Members are not allowed to submit nominations, but active FPTA members within their perspective organizations are eligible to submit nominations.

Article III. Call for Nominations
An email will be sent to all active FPTA members asking for nominations to be submitted. The nomination form will be attached and can be filled out electronically.  A timeline for submissions will be established and adhered to.

Article IV. Regions
The North region is all areas north of Orange County to the Florida state line. The Central region is the area north of Palm Beach County to Orlando (Orange County). The South region begins at Key West (Monroe County) and ends at Palm Beach County. FPTA 2020 CEA Regions

Article V. Selection of Winners
The full active FPTA Board and the CEA Committee Members will serve as the selection committee. Neither the individual board members nor CEA committee members will be allowed to cast a vote for their own region or in the event that their organization has submitted a candidate.

Article VI. Awards
Each regional winner will be awarded the following: (1) paid registration for the annual conference, (2) two nights at the conference or nearby hotel, (3) cash prize, (4) Recognition and award at the annual conference, (6) a chance to win the grand prize. This award is not transferable and winners will not have the option of receiving any cash equivalent in lieu of attending.

Article VII. The “Day in the Life” clip
Each winner will submit an electronic .mov, .mp4, or .avi file documenting a “day in their life” to show our members the challenges of their everyday job duties. The clip should not be longer than two minutes and the FPTA Board may edit the clip as they deem necessary. The winner shall be conscience of the audience and make certain the clip is free of any inappropriate content. The Board encourages creativeness when making the clip. A link to an award-winning video will be sent to the winners as a point of reference.

Article VIII. Grand Prize Winner
Once the clips have been submitted, the Board will review the clip entries along with all other information submitted and choose one grand prize winner. Only one regional winner will be chosen as the grand prize winner. The grand prize winner will be awarded the following: (1) all appropriate registration fees for the next year’s Annual FPTA conference, and (2) a cash prize of $350.  Transportation to and from the conference will not be covered. This award is not transferable and winners will not have the option of receiving any cash equivalent in lieu of attending.